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Property Tax Collection Summer Tax Bills (First Installment) The summer tax bills are mailed the last working day of June. They are payable July 1st thru September 14th without interest. 1% interest begins September 15th and increases by 1% on the 15th of each succeeding month.If you have not received a tax bill and should have, please contact the Marquette City Treasurer's Office at 228-0475.

Winter Tax Bills (Second Installment) The winter tax bills are mailed the last working day of November. They are payable December 1st thru February 14th without penalty. A 3% penalty is applied to the taxes February 15th through February 28th.

Tax Calendar Summer Taxes: July 1 - City, Senior Millage, Library, Schools, DDA, State Ed, County Operating Heritage Auth. and Special Assessments.. Winter Taxes: December 1 - County Transit , County Aging, * County M.O.E., County Dispatch and County.

*Maintenance Of Effort (County Run Medical Care Facility)


2014 Millages


Winter Est.

Total  Est.

Principal Residence Exemption 31.4009 2.2466 33.6475
Non-Principal Residence Exemption 49.4009 2.2466 51.6475
Michigan Business Tax (Commercial Personal Property) 37.4009



Michigan Business Tax (Industrial Personal Property) 25.4009 2.2466


Plus 1% Administration Fee
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Effective: JULY 1st Begin collection of summer taxes. First Installment. Taxes and 1% administration fee payable July 1st to and including September 14th without interest. Beginning September 15th and the 15th of each month thereafter, an additional 1% interest is added to the summer tax.

SEPTEMBER 15th Interest on summer taxes begins, add 1% of tax.

OCTOBER 15th Interest on summer taxes increases to 2% of tax.

NOVEMBER 15th Interest on summer taxes increases to 3% of tax.

DECEMBER 1st Begin collection of winter taxes. Second Installment.

DECEMBER 15th Interest on summer taxes increases to 4% of tax.

JANUARY 15th Interest on summer taxes increases to 5% of tax.

FEBRUARY 15th Interest on summer taxes increases to 6% of tax and Penalty on winter taxes begins, add 3% of winter tax.

FEBRUARY 28th Final day to receive summer/winter tax payments.

MARCH 1st Tax Roll is given to the Marquette County Treasurer for collection of unpaid taxes. The city can no longer accept tax payments for tax year real property. Personal property taxes (businesses) and Building on Leased Land are retained by our office.

Tax Deferments- Have to file every year. Eligible persons may file for deferments at the Treasurer's office until September 15th. Deferments delay the due date of summer taxes until February 14th. Requirements: $40,000 maximum income & senior citizen, blind, totally disabled, eligible service person, etc. For more information call 228-0475.

To qualify for the deferment under the income limit, a resident must meet one or more of the following conditions as defined by the State Income Tax Act:

1) Is a totally and permanently disabled person, blind person, paraplegic, quadriplegic, eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or eligible widow or widower.

2) Is 62 years of age or older, including the unremarried surviving spouse of a person who was 62 years of age or older at the time of death.

 Residents who believe they qualify under the new limit and wish to defer their summer property taxes can obtain an Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes from the treasurer office by calling 228-0475. Collection of the approved deferred taxes will be delayed until the winter property taxes are due.

Tax Instructions PHONE: Treasurer's Office (906) 228-0475

E-Mail :

WEBSITE: Search parcels for tax amounts due, payments made, taxable values, State Equalized Values, principal residence exemption percentages and more. Click on Property Look Up & Online Payments and search by parcel, owner name or address.

PROPERTY NUMBER: Property numbers are 7 digits long and are the final numbers within the county reference number (52-52-0XXXXXXX). Payments received should identify the property number being paid.

POSTMARK ACCEPTANCE: Postmarks are honored when calculating interest & penalty -- however -- validated bills and payment records will reflect the date the payment is received in the Treasurer's office. Postmark acceptance NOT possible after February 28th.

END OF CALENDAR YEAR RECEIPTS: Payments must be received in the Treasurer's office by December 30th to receive a posting date for the calendar year.

INCORRECT PAYMENTS: Incorrect payments are either RETURNED to the sender or processed as PARTIAL payments. Returning mail may cause sender to incur additional interest or penalty. If uncertain of amount due, please see Tax Calendar for calculations or call 228-0475 for correct payment amounts.

RECEIPTS: If you require a tax receipt, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. Retain bottom half of bill for your records.

INTEREST / PENALTY CALCULATION: Interest & penalty are calculated on TAX amount only. The 1% ADMIN. FEE is not included in the calculation. Interest & penalty due dates and amounts are provided on the bill.

REQUESTS FOR TAX BILLS: Request lists must be in property number order (7 digits only), identifying the property address as the primary cross-reference and owner as a secondary reference. Also, provide a total count of the properties requested and a contact person’s name and number. Enclose a self addressed stamped envelope that the requested bills will fit in. Lists must reach the Treasurer's office the end of May and October. Tax bills are mailed the last working day in June and November.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Marquette City Treasurer's office at 300 W Baraga Ave Marquette MI 49855, call (906) 228-0475 or E-Mail at .

2014 Tax Millages
Summer Rates
Principal Residence Exemption Non-Principal Residence Exemption
City Operating 14.9225 City Operating 14.9225
Senior Millage 00.3500 Senior Millage 00.3500
Library Operating 01.3698 Library Operating 01.3698
Library Debt 00.5100 Library Debt


    School Operating 18.0000
School Debt 00.5500 School Debt 00.5500
Special Education 02.0000 Special Education 02.0000
State Education Tax 06.0000 State Education Tax 06.0000
ISD 00.2048 ISD 00.2048
Heritage Auth, 00.2000 Heritage Auth. 00.2000
County Operating 05.2938 County Operating 05.2938
Total Summer 31.4009 Total Summer 49.4009

Winter Rates Estimate

Principal Residence Exemption Non-Principal Residence Exception
County Transit 00.5997 County Transit 00.5997
County Aging 004474 County Aging 00.4474
* County M.O.E. 00.5500 * County M.O.E. 00.5500
County Dispatch 00.4970 County Dispatch 00.4970
County Rescue 00.1525 County Rescue 00.1525
Total Winter  Estimate 02.2466 Total Winter  Estimate 02.2466
Total Year Estimate 33.6475 Total Year Estimate 51.6475
Note: DDA millage (1.8745 mills) not included
*Maintenance Of Effort (County Run Medical Care Facility)
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