City Code

New City Code - Effective May 10, 2011
The new City Code was approved by the City Commission at their April 11, 2011 meeting,
and became effective as of May 10, 2011. It is now available at the following link:

New City Code

The below chapters in Title XII were saved from repeal and shall continue in effect until replaced by a later ordinance and code supplement (this is a project currently underway through the City Planning and Zoning Department and the City Planning Commission).
Ch. 80 Marquette City Zoning Ordinance
80.35 Downtown Waterfront District (Ordinance #554)
80.36 South Marquette Waterfront District (Ordinance #555)
82 Sign Ordinance
85 Subdivision Ordinance
86 Fence Ordinance
(These chapters are on file in the City Clerk's Office)
Ch. 100 Electric Utility
101 Automobile Parking System
150 Bus Franchise
151 Gas Franchise
152 Cable Franchise
153 Electric Franchise
154 Tax Abatement Method for State of Federally Subsidized Low & Moderated Income Housing in City of Marquette
155 City Tax Exemption for SUNDARA, Nonprofit Housing Corporation
160 Regulations & Procedures for Basic Cable Television Rates & Regulations
Recently Adopted Ordinances
573 Amendment Title VIII Employees Chapter 90
603 Purchase Limits
604 Ordinance - Fee Waiver
605 WS Refunding Bond
609 Publication and Communication
610 Ethics and Code of Conduct
611 Real Estate Sales Policy


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